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 Years ago, I traveled through the central coast of California and stopped at a charming little town called Ojai. This is a very cool town by the way and warrants a return visit to take in things missed. I ventured into a thrift shop and met a lady making soap in the back of her store. The smell was intoxicating as I walked through the door, I will never forget it. The raw herbal smell was like none other.
My encounter would keep replaying in my mind after I returned home, so I read everything I could get my hands on to start my soap journey. My very first endeavor was a batch of lavender made by the cold process method. I had planted my usual spring garden but left most of the vegetables out and grew herbs, perfect additions for my soap.
So that was the beginning of a beautiful journey for me and I continue to be inspired daily by Mother Nature's special plants and this place called Tigre Mountain. It is an honor for me to share these soaps with you.
Handmade soap is considered a luxury by many, but I say that after using handmade soap you will always come back to it and your skin will thank you!